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Bulk SMS services are used in different applications or industries for business requirements and customer loyalty. Bulk SMS is a set of practices, which enables both small and large businesses to communicate and stay engaged to their customers or audience, in an interactive and relevant manner through mobile devices. A personalized and targeted promotional planning will allow a customer’s business to reach mass platforms.

Introducing the pioneers

That is why we, at Sanchar are providing our best services for Bulk SMS in Bangalore, which will help our customers to increase their customer engagement, promote product and services, and deliver an urgent message to a large group of audience. As the leading Bulk SMS Providers In Bangalore, we have tools that will help our customers to set up campaigns, which will save quality time and fetch a higher response rate.

Why take our services?

As the Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in Bangalore, we know of how much important our customer’s business is to them. We sent messages to many mobile handsets from anywhere. Our technology helps the clients’ experience a drastic rise in sales and helps in providing new customers. We have advanced and updated versions of our Bulk SMS tool, which will provide our customers to send text messages that will contain the name of the recipient or the company. We have two types of modes that will help our clients’ to communicate and engage with their potential customers.

1. Promotional SMS: By using our company, promotional SMS mode, it will help our clients to boost their business. The package contains an automatic DND filter within our SMS portal. When using our Sanchar promotional package, we will also provide a default sender ID.

2. Transactional SMS: Based on the current market trends, Transactional SMS has gained tremendous popularity. We, being the best provider of Bulk SMS in Bangalore offer this package to companies for their marketing, promoting, and other business reasons. This route has no filtering of DND and slender ID, but its SMS delivery service is 100% achievable.

As the trusted and dedicated Bulk SMS Service Providers in Bangalore, we ensure our clients with a 200% guarantee and refund options if or services do not perform the way they should.

Benefits we offer

a) Efficiency: Being the reputed Bulk SMS Providers in Bangalore, the customers of our clients will most likely read the SMS carefully in their free time and thus help our client’s reach their long-lasting awareness.

b) Providing a better rapport: While receiving SMS from our Best Bulk SMS Service Providers, the receiver will get a personalized experience. Physiologically, this will allow the receiver to feel warm towards our clients’ goods and services, which is being advertised and embark on a great bond with the company.

Call to action

With our years of services and commitment, we have been gaining, respect and love, which has helped us establish a reputation as the number one Bulk SMS Service Providers in Bangalore. Contact us today and we will make sure to satisfy you with our dedication and trust through our services!


Promotional SMS

Boost your business with the magic of Sanchar Promotional SMS. With our promotional package, there will an automatic DND filter within our the SMS Portal. We also provide a default sender ID.

Transactional SMS

As per the current market trend, Transactional SMS have gained tremendous success. This is majorly used by companies for promotion, marketing and other business purpose. With this route, there is no filtering on DND and sender ID. 100% SMS deliverable is achieved with the Transactional SMS.


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